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Master of Research in Architectural Computation Dissertation

This research explores the capabilities of video game procedural content generative techniques in architectural design. It was developed for the MRes in Architectural Computation programme at The Bartlett School of Architecture in 2020-21

The WFC Configurator proposes that human-machine design collaboration through architectural design configurators can be augmented through automation. To explore this, the Wave Function Collapse (WFC) Algorithm, a widespread procedural generation technique in the videogame industry, is tested in the configurator context. The methodology is divided into six sections. The first three approaches regard massing, floorplans, and layouts; these display the WFC shortcomings when designing architecture. Then, three subsequent approaches adapt the WFC algorithm to interactive configurator environments that create functional architecture. 


Philippe Morel, Vassilis Papalexopoulos



Unity, C#, Visual Studio, 3DS Max

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